Message from the President


ご挨拶 Message from the President



小さな建物の2階で細々と始めたギターショップ、LAST GUITARは株式会社ラストギターとなり、現在はギターショップラストギター、ウクレレショップウクレレバード、音楽教室ラストギターミュージックスクールの3つの事業を展開しております。


 この度『ラストギター創業10周年記念展示会〜LAST GUITAR 10th Anniversary Premium Guitar Show〜』を開催させていただくこととなりました。






代表取締役 小山晃弘

March 9th, 2023 marks LAST GUITAR’s 10th anniversary. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who made our decade of business possible and memorable.

Working in the guitar industry since 1999, I have learned how one guitar can truly enrich one’s life. My experience in a larger guitar retail company also enabled me to recognize the need for a retailer that connects customers with guitars crafted by smaller manufacturers and craftsmen around the world. This is precisely why I made a major life decision to launch my own business 10 years ago. 

A tiny guitar shop on the second floor of a small building in Tokyo has grown into LAST GUITAR INC.. Throughout the 10 years, we have expanded our business into a guitar shop “LAST GUITAR”, a ukulele shop “UKULELE BIRD”, and a music school “LAST GUITAR MUSIC SCHOOL”.

We could not have reached this great milestone of the 10th anniversary if it weren’t for our enthusiastic staff, phenomenal craftsmen and manufacturers, highly skilled repairmen and music teachers, and above all, our fantastic customers. 

On this memorable occasion, I would like to announce that our company is hosting the “LAST GUITAR 10th Anniversary Premium Guitar Show”.

I have ordered special custom-made guitars exclusively for this occasion from several craftsmen and manufacturers that our company has closely worked with over the years. Our staff and I have been rigorously preparing for this show for a year and a half since all the guitars in the show are crafted by widely renowned craftsmen and manufacturers with exceptionally busy schedules.

Please enjoy a great display of beautiful sounds, high-quality materials, precise craftsmanship, and our messages behind these authentic guitars.

Through this grand guitar show, I would like to express our determination to provide the best experience for our customers via tight collaboration with talented craftsmen and extraordinary manufacturers for decades to come. 

We sincerely look forward to your visit.